Kitesurfen op Mauritius - Cleane golven en goede wind

Clean waves and good wind

Kitesurfing Mauritius

You don’t get any better than this. Kitesurfing with Mount Le Morne in the background. Beautiful white beaches and carefree enjoyment in a wonderful all-inclusive hotel. You can’t get it more beautiful or easier.

Carefree on your kite holiday

"Turquoise lagoons in the north and south, white sand beaches plus constant on shore trade winds, easy to ride flat water spots as well as advanced spots with serious waves"

Kitesurf holiday Mauritius

A destination that is probably on every kiter’s bucket list is Mauritius. A green island in the Indian Ocean with white beaches and beautiful nature. The island is known for its beautiful and clean waves and good wind. The best wind season is from June to the end of September. The water temperature is on average 22 ° C. The wind is between 18 and 35 knots, with sometimes peaks above 40 knots.


  1. Constant wind: Mauritius has very consistent wind conditions, especially during the kitesurfing season from May to October. The trade winds from the southeast provide reliable and stable winds with speeds of 15 to 25 knots, which is ideal for kitesurfing.
  2. Varied spots for all levels: The island has a wide range of kitesurfing spots that are suitable for both beginners and advanced surfers. From the flat lagoons of Le Morne and Palmar Beach to the challenging waves of One Eye, there is something for everyone.
  3. Breathtaking scenery: Kitesurfing in Mauritius means kiting in a beautiful setting with crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and a lush green backdrop. The beauty of the landscape makes the experience even more special.
  4. High-quality Kitesurfing Facilities: There are numerous professional kitesurfing schools and rental facilities on the island. These schools offer lessons for all levels and ensure that beginners can learn to kitesurf in a safe and effective way.
  5. Pleasant climate: the water around Mauritius is warm, meaning thick wetsuits are not necessary. The tropical climate ensures that temperatures are pleasant all year round, allowing you to kitesurf in comfort.

Kite spots Mauritius

These kite spots offer a perfect mix of steady wind, warm water and beautiful landscapes, making Mauritius a top destination for kitesurfing.

Le Morne (South-West coast)
Located on the south-west coast of the island, Le Morne is Mauritius’ most famous kitesurfing area. The location offers several spots, including the shallow lagoon for beginners and the famous One Eye wave for advanced kite surfers.

  • Conditions: Constant wind, shallow and calm water in the lagoon, and challenging waves further out.
  • Kitehotel: St Regis

Anse La Raie (Northeastern coast)
Anse La Raie is a shallow bay located on the northeastern tip of the island of Mauritius, offering plenty of space and flat, shallow water. Entering the water can be a bit tricky as there is a 5-10 metre wide isle between the rocks where you walk in and if you’re a little insecure about handling the kite you could get into trouble here. The nearby trees don’t make the area easy to launch from, but for advanced kitesurfers this place is a paradise because of the stunning scenery, uncrowded waters and very reliable wind.

  • Kitehotel: 20 Degrees South

Belle Mare (East coast)
Located on the east coast of Mauritius, Belle Mare offers beautifully flat water inside a closed turquiose lagoon with no currents or boat traffic. What sets the east coast of Mauritius apart from many other destinations is the variety of organised ‘downwinders’. The east coast is the perfect place to go on a downwinder as the combination of flat water and waves to kite on throughout the journey, along with the crystal clear waters will keep you mesmerised.

  • Kitehotel: The Lux Belle Mare

Bel Ombre (South coast)
Bel Ombre is suitable for beginners with a shallow lagoon with side shore / side onshore wind. The launching and landing area is on a sandy beach but the resort facilities will also let you pack your kite away on the grassy areas. The tidal movements can have a big effect on the sea state so its best for beginners to book lessons as the centres know the best times to get out on the water. Planet Kitesurf’s partner centre in Bel Ombre uses North gear and has a variety of rental and instruction options including some amazing downwinder trips.

  • Conditions: Good wind and less busy than Le Morne.
  • Kitehotel: Heritage Le Telfair

Kitesurf schools Mauritius

Mauritius has a number of renowned kitesurfing schools offering lessons for all levels. These schools often also offer equipment rental and organize kitesurfing excursions. Some well-known kitesurfing schools are:

ION Club Mauritius
Located in Le Morne, it offers lessons and equipment for all levels.

Kitesurf Paradise
Located in Bel Ombre, it is known for its professional instructors and good facilities.

Mauritius weather forecast

View the current weather forecast for Mauritius here. The weather forecast gives a reliable and detailed picture of the weather in Mauritius today.

If you want to book a trip to Mauritius or simply want to be well prepared for what the weather will bring, the weather forecast can provide you with all the necessary information. Knowing how cold or hot it is in Mauritius makes it easier to plan your day around the weather.

Mauritius, MU
7:22 am, Jul 20, 2024
weather icon 16°C | °F
L: 15° | H: 17°
light intensity shower rain
Humidity: 96 %
Pressure: 1020 hPa
Wind: 6 Km/h N
Wind Gust: 0 Km/h
UV Index: 0
Precipitation: 0 mm
Rain Chance: 0%
Visibility: 6 km
Sunrise: 6:44 am
Sunset: 5:47 pm
Daily ForecastHourly Forecast
weather icon
15° / 17°°C | °F 0.29 mm 29% 14 Km/h 86 % 1020 hPa 0 mm/h
weather icon
18° / 22°°C | °F 0.36 mm 36% 14 Km/h 85 % 1023 hPa 0 mm/h
weather icon
17° / 22°°C | °F 0.3 mm 30% 15 Km/h 86 % 1024 hPa 0 mm/h
weather icon
17° / 21°°C | °F 0.73 mm 73% 19 Km/h 86 % 1024 hPa 0 mm/h
weather icon
18° / 21°°C | °F 0.41 mm 41% 21 Km/h 83 % 1023 hPa 0 mm/h

Kite hotels

Stay in one of the fantastic kite hotels in Mauritius and experience kitesurfing like never before! Enjoy the constant wind, warm water and beautiful surroundings, and completely relax after a day on the water. Book your stay in a kite hotel in Mauritius and experience the ultimate kitesurfing experience!

JW Marriott Mauritius Resort

Le Morne (South-West coast)
The best hotel in Le Morne, and perhaps all of Mauritius, is the St Regis. The spacious rooms are furnished with modern wooden furniture, providing a very elegant, yet comfortable, space. The service at the St Regis is outstanding and the on-site kite centre offers premium instruction and rental.

Hôtel 20 Degrés Sud

Anse La Raie (Northeastern coast)
There are a variety of hotels to enjoy around the Anse Le Raie area, while Grand Baie has a host of restaurants and shops. A great option is 20 Degrees South. This incredible hotel underwent a complete renovation in 2017 and is now better than ever with its warm cosy atmosphere, great quiet location and stunning attention to detail.

LUX Belle Mare Resort

Belle Mare (East coast)
The Lux Belle Mare, has an elegant style with unique features. In the lobby is the Lux café, where they serve coffee that’s roasted on site and it’s by far the best on the island. You can even go behind the bar and join in the process of roasting the beans.

Heritage Le Telfair

Bel Ombre (South coast)
Heritage Le Telfair is without doubt the place to stay in Bel Ombre. This newly renovated property is set on a massive area with a number of attractions including a world-class golf course and a fantastic kids club with its own pool, play park, animal section and herb garden.

Travel providers

Stay in one of the fantastic kite hotels in Mauritius and experience kitesurfing like never before! Enjoy the constant wind, warm water and beautiful surroundings, and completely relax after a day on the water. Book your stay in a kite hotel in Mauritius and experience the ultimate kitesurfing experience!


Enjoy constant wind, extensive beaches and a wonderful climate. Perfect for kite surfers of all levels. Book now with TUI and discover why Auritius is the top destination for kitesurfing!

Frequently asked questions

About kitesurfing in Mauritius

The best time for kitesurfing in Mauritius is from May to October, when the trade winds are constant and strong. This season offers the most reliable wind conditions.

The most popular kitesurfing spots are Le Morne, Bel Ombre and Palmar Beach. Le Morne is best known for its versatile conditions suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Yes, there are plenty of professional kitesurfing schools in Mauritius. These schools offer lessons for all levels, from beginners to advanced, as well as equipment rentals.

Yes, you can bring your own equipment. Make sure you check with your airline about the rules and any additional costs for sports equipment.

Mauritius offers a wide range of activities including snorkeling, diving, hiking, exploring national parks, and cultural trips to local markets and historical sites.

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